The Team


The Lamington Cake Project has been made possible thanks to our incredible chefs, cooks and bakers, who have donated the lamington cakes as well as their time and efforts developing their unique lamington recipes. They have also helped promote the project and cause. We thank you all immensely.

  • Adam Andrews, Farm Girl
  • Adi Sambu Balde, Brunswick East
  • Alan Turner, Sunday
  • Alex Hoffler, Meringue Girls
  • Alice Pilkington, Urban Pantry
  • Anthony Garlando, Aqua Shard
  • Bianca Bridges, Breakfast London
  • Charley Friedman, Growlers
  • Chris Leach, Manteca
  • Claire Ptak, Violet Cakes
  • Clarisse Flon, The Sunny Spoon
  • Crosstown Doughnuts
  • Edd Kimber, The Boy Who Bakes
  • Eleni Mitropoulos, The Dusty Knuckle
  • Frances Quinn, @frances_quinn
  • Jennifer Moseley, Wild By Tart
  • Jeremy Ferdman, Lantana
  • Jesse Dunford Wood, Parlour
  • Joey O Hare, Food With Time
  • Juliette O’Sullivan, The Good Egg
  • Katy Taylor, Food With Time
  • Kerran (Keke) Kaur, The Fields Beneath
  • Lily Jones, Lily Vanilli
  • Marius Grancear, The Good Egg
  • Nicholas Balfe, Salon
  • Ottolenghi
  • Rachel Phipps, @missrachelphipps
  • Ramael Scully, Scully
  • Rebecca Lever, I Will Kill Again
  • Regis Negrier, The Delaunay
  • Rosie Llwellyn, A Little Lusciousness
  • Rukmini Iyer, @missminifer
  • Safia Shakarchi, @dearsafia
  • Serena Whitefield, Pearl & Groove
  • Silvia Stocchino, FairyPan Bakery
  • Stephanie Jones, Friends Of Ours
  • Tarryn Williams, MOTHER
  • Valentina Fois, Lele’s


  • Bianca Bridges, Founder & Project Manager
  • Tim Cooper, Art Director
  • Samuel Liu, Web Developer


Thank you to our amazing volunteers who have donated their time and expertise to this project.

  • Ming Bridges
  • Lucy Dunn
  • Scoutt Paris
  • Luke Grob
  • Stu Fry


Thank you to our fantastic partners who have contributed to this project.

  • WebFX